Terms & conditions

  1. The first pary shall issue a Demand Letter to the Second Party mentioning the number of workers requirement, reate of their salary and other benefits.

  2. Both parties herein shall obtain the opproval of the respective goernment of import, recruit and supply the workers as per rules and the conditions of this contract, this deed of agreement shall be deemed as Null and void.
  3. The first party shall provide with Visa/NOC work permits of the workers from the government authority, together with other necessary relevant documents. Incase of not issuance of visa due to any changes in Government policies, the firparty shall be responsible for the recruitment expenses.
  4. The earning of worker per month shall be as per the attached Demand Letter shown against each category.
  5. The second party shall made sure that all workers recommended for the first party are examined by an Employer of the G.C.C. Nepalese doctor appointed by Employer of the concerned government. The candidates must possess a valid certificate to the effect of the fitness such as AIDS, T.B. and infectious or any other diseases.
  6. The First Party will be responsible for receiving the workers at the airport in part and as whole as per validity of Visa of the concerned country.
  7. The second party is the supplier of the workers and will bear the responsibility for recruitment of the workers within the stipulated period and not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of visa advice and other allied required documents.
  8. The First Party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death of injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost of transport of dead body to Nepal as per the labors law of country concerned.
  9. There will be threee months probationary period for all workers;after completetion of this period, if any workers is found unfit or unsuitable for the specific job, the workers may be terminated and repatriated at his own cost and the cost will be borne by the Second Party.
  10. The workers will be interviewed, tested by representative of the employer.
  11. The Second Party shall assist the workers in matters relating to immigration formalities, medical test and Visa stamping from the relevant Embassy and whateer other relevant matters.
  12. The First Party ensures to provide the workers with free bachelor sharing accommodation, free, food and other necessary amenities, including medical and insurance coverage.
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