Message from Managing Director

Foreign overseas employment has become on attention topic of our country Nepal and it has created an intention to make solution of unemployment market in Nepal.

As it is aware all of us, from world war to general human resources, The British Army has recruited a battalion of Nepalese Army in the past and present aslo, because of Nepalese peoples are renowned for their hard work, loyalty and high sense of responsibility and discipline. British and Indian Army have regularly recruiting thousands of Nepalese Gurkha regiments.

Over the past years, the overcoming demand of Nepalese workers from around the world including middle east countries have shown agreat interest in hiring Nepalese workers to their respected organization.

We therefore with team of experienced professional persons esteablished this agency with substantial development in policy, procedures and in monitoring or situation for overseas employment. This agency has an arrangement for efficient system of recruitment to facilitate the employment to select right manpower for the right jobs.

We have published this web site for our client's perusal & study with details of in information for procedure of recruitment to the overseas employment.

Kathmandu, Nepal Date: 1st Jan, 2003

R.B. Tamang
Managing Director
Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

P.O. Box: 4330
Bhanimandal-04, Jawalakhel Lalitpur, KTM
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