About Ganapati Overseas

Ganapati Overseas is one of the leading Recruiting Agency in Kingdom of Nepal, registered under this Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labour with Govt. Registered Licence No. 258/059. Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. a leading Manpower recruitment Agency is owned & managed by a group of well experienced business personnel having good knowledge in various field of business. The main purpose of establishing this agency is to make solution of unempolymet problem and to pay support in economic of the nation.


Our mission statement to achieve the vision envisaged is to exploit the extensive foreign employment opportunities to enhancing the progressive indices of the economic growth through quality and fully contented services to foreign employers as per their requirements.


We envisage - "Nepal and its people economically self-sustained !"


  • To explore the foreign employment opportunities in favor of Nepalese labor patential.
  • To export the Nepalese work force on the ground of trust, mutual respect and all types of human securities.
  • To enchance the quality and competencies of Nepalese services as per the international standards.
  • To address the escalating problems of unemployment, accelerate inflow of remittance and exhange the technical ideas and skills among people from various parts of world.


Our motto under the above mentioned vision, mission and objectives is - "The Best recruiting agency of Nepal"

P.O. Box: 4330
Bhanimandal-04, Jawalakhel Lalitpur, KTM
Tel: +977 1 5524145, 5523802
Fax: +977 1 5523802
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