How To Recruit From Nepal

All the interested foreign employers have to recruit through the licensed agencies registered under the Department of Labor of Nepalese Government of Nepal. These agents make direct contact and negotiate with the overseas employers for procuring manpower requirements. On receipt of authenticated vacany demand from the overseas employer, the licensed agent, Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. applies to the Director General of Labor Department for the recruitment permission.

Labour Department is the principal government authority which supervises and monitors the recruitment process of the recruitment agencies and provides permission to export the manpower. The Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. (License Agent) agent should apply in the Department with the following authenticate documents for the recruitment permission.

Demand Letter

The employer will formally issue Damand Letter in favor of Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. in which clearly be stated job categories, number of workers required category-wise, monthly salaries in respect currency, period of contract, working hours and other amenities for workers at site such as food, accommodation, medical facilities, insurance and air passage etc. this demand letter must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Nepalese Embassy existing in the country of employment.

Power of Attorney

The employer will furnish Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. with a power of Attorney to carry in the recruitment of Nepalese manpower, including meeting up all the necessary formalities as regards to arrange for an interview and trade test, sign, cancel, renew and execute foreign necessary documents, to arrangement passports for visa endorsement from respective embassis and to make arrange for workers passage to the country of employment. On behalf of employer, on the terms and conditions lead by employer and in accordance with the imigration laws, rules and regulations of Nepal in force from time to time and do all aothr acts arising there from or incident there to, Power of Attorney must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Nepalese Embassy existing in the country of employment.

Service Agreement

To start with, the employer and Ganapati Overseas Pvt. Ltd., should execute an Employment Agreement between themselves stating fully and precisely the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from Nepal. This agreement must be signed by both parties towards acceptance of stated terms to execution of the recruitment procedure.

Employment Contract

The employer will issue Speciment of Employment Contract, showing salaries and other amenities including food, accommodation, medical facilities, insurance, air passage, contract of period, working hours, OT facilities and other benefits as per labor law in respect of concern country. This contract must be signed by the principal one side leaving othr side blank to be signed by the selected worker.

Gurantee Letter from Employer

Finally, the employer will issue a letter assuring the worker recruited by them will be employed only in their company and country. Further conforming by them that all workers employed by Nepal no be deployed at any other company and country during their contracting period which both of them promised in the terms of demand paper & special attorney. This letter must be signed and stamped by employer and finally must be attested from Nepal Embassy from concern country.

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