About Nepal

Nepal borders with the Autonomous Regional of the people's Republic of China in the North and India in the East, South, and west respectively.


Nepal time is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT and 15 minutes ahead of India standard time.


Nepali is the national language of Nepali. Educated people understand and speak English as well. There are other regional languages such as Newari, Maithali, Bhojpur, Kham etc.


Nepal has four major seasons:

1. Winter: December-February:
2. Spring: March-May
3. Summers: June-August
4. Autumn: September-November

People and Regligion

  • Nepali people are divided into two distinct, group the Indo-Aryans and the Mangolian.
  • Nepal is the secular country. Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines are scattered all over the Nepal.
  • Nepal is birthplace of Lord Buddha, the light of Asia. Hindus and Buddhists live together with harmony in Nepal.
  • Muslims, Christians and other nature worshippers too exist.
  • There is unity in diversity in religion & culture in Nepal.
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